Awaken To Gratitude (English)

Awaken To Gratitude (English)

Awaken To Gratitude.
Access The Divine.
Manifest Miracles in Life.

12 different experiences of gratitude over 12 days.
We challenge you to rise to the occasion.

Awaken To Gratitude (English)
  • Gratitude Towards Mother

    We say- maatru devo bhava
    Because she does what God does. She creates.
    Awakening to gratitude towards your mother heals your heart and makes you whole.

  • Gratitude Towards Father

    Connecting to the beautiful moments your father gave you and opening your heart with gratitude towards him will make you whole. Make you love your life better. Your connection with your father will give you the courage to face the rough and tough of life.

  • Gratitude Towards Partner

    Your relationship with your partner can be your greatest source of fulfilment, strength and joy.

    When you connect to your partner with gratitude there is a letting go of the veils that keep you separate and alone. Love holds its sway.

  • Gratitude Towards Sibling

    Gratitude arises when you realise so much of what is beautiful about you is because of another.

  • Gratitude Towards Friend

    Do you ever pause to celebrate the joy you have had in these pure moments of friendship in life? Take the time to immerse in gratitude for the gift of such a friendship in your life.

  • Gratitude Towards The Child

    Parenting gives a tremendous sense of fulfilment. It brings meaning to life, to everything you do. Whether it is creating wealth, working on your health or growing spiritually every pursuit becomes meaningful because of your children. They give us the greatest blessing in life - Meaning.

  • Gratitude Towards People At Work

    Gratitude is the simplest antidote for hostility and irritation in the work environment. It makes you become present to the task at hand, comfortable with people and more dedicated to work. It is nurturing and rewarding to your self and the other.

  • Gratitude Towards Your Body

    Your body is one of the most magnificent expressions of universal intelligence. It is designed to experience great love, great compassion, and great bliss.

  • Gratitude Towards Earth

    In Sanskrit Mother Earth is called Dharani. Dharani means she who holds you or bears you. Our life and existence is intricately connected with Mother Earth. She is our sustainer and nurturer. Our existence and wellbeing depends on her well-being. Mother Earth is all the rivers, the oceans, the d...

  • Gratitude Towards Difficult Challenges of Life

    Sacred Journey

  • Gratitude Towards Teacher

    The Inspiration

  • Gratitude Towards Divine

    The Flow of Blessings