Arambha Shakti - New Year Meditations (Tamil)

Arambha Shakti - New Year Meditations (Tamil)

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Arambha Shakti - New Year Meditations (Tamil)
  • Arambha Shakti Meditations Introduction (Tamil)

    The energy that emanates from your mind, consciousness and your loved ones determines the pace at which life unfolds or a project moves forward. Practice this set of meditations to create positive energy and unfold a great new year.

  • Meditation for Health (Tamil)

    Make a powerful intention to unite the energies of your body and the cosmic energies for great health.

  • Meditation for Harmony (Tamil)

    Unite the Mind and Consciousness for a Harmonious 2021.

    To Manifest a great New Year you need the power of the mind and consciousness to flow as one. As you go through this meditation you harmonise your mind and consciousness.

  • Meditation for Love (Tamil)

    Strengthen the mutual emotional bonds between your loved ones to manifest an extraordinary 2021 collectively.