Sacred Chants

  • Sacred Chants

    3 videos

    Delve into these chanting meditations that calm the mind. Experience a deeper connection with the Universal Intelligence by listening to the chants and move into beautiful states of consciousness.

  • Light Up Your Intellect With Divine Radiance

    Invoke the blessings of abundant intelligence to flow into you. Allow divine radiance to suffuse your intellect.

  • Access Eternal Totality Of The Universe

    You glimpse at the realization of how consciousness is dealthlessness and birthlessness. Listen to this ancient chant.

  • Blessings For A Beautiful Life For 100 Springs

    This mystic chant brings blessings on every sacred occasion.

    Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, or a special day for you or for another; listening to this chant brings blessings of longevity, vigor, and happiness.