Sacred Chants

  • Sacred Chants
    4 videos

    Sacred Chants

    4 videos

    Delve into these chanting meditations that calm the mind. Experience a deeper connection with the Universal Intelligence by listening to the chants and move into beautiful states of consciousness.

  • Connect to Universal Consciousness

    Just as droplets of rain that fall from the sky flow as rivulets and reach the ocean, so too all prayers no matter which God you offer them to, reach the one universal consciousness.

  • Light up your intellect with divine radiance

    Invoke the blessings of abundant intelligence to flow into you. Allow divine radiance to suffuse your intellect.

  • Access eternal totality of the Universe

    You glimpse at the realization of how consciousness is dealthlessness and birthlessness. Listen to this ancient chant.

  • Blessings For A Beautiful Life For 100 Springs

    This mystic chant brings blessings on every sacred occasion.

    Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, or a special day for you or for another; listening to this chant brings blessings of longevity, vigor, and happiness.