Ekam Circle (English)

Ekam Circle (English)

Experience our meditations to access Universal Intelligence to receive gifts week after week. Celebrate an abundant life.

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Ekam Circle (English)
  • Accessing Universal Intelligence

    Move through the 4 stages of accessing Universal Intelligence and visualize your ideal future. There, you will find a space of power and strength to create the change you want.

  • Breath of Renewal: Day 5

    Breathing is the life force that sustains us. Eighty percent of our body toxins are expelled through the breath. Learn to detoxify with breathwork and renew your sense of vitality with this 10 minute breath-based meditation. Based on the ancient Indian practice of 5 breath energies, it will help ...

  • Heart Connection: Day 3

    Take a journey into the heart and away from loneliness and separation. Using breathwork and visualization, this short meditation will help you connect your heart, mind and body. This connection will strengthen your relationships, give you greater empathy and bring you closer to what you love.


  • Conscious Creator - Soul Sync

    This final Soul Sync meditation guides you to become a courageous, conscious creator. Once complete, you will have made your way through the Four Sacred Secrets. Return to these practices whenever you want to explore a more beautiful state and contribute to a more beautiful world.

  • Breath as Life

    There is a natural healer present in everyone. This meditation teaches you breathwork techniques to help distribute oxygen to your cells. This helps the body heal and restore. In this reinvigorated and relaxed space, fogginess and clutter evaporate. You begin to see the beauty and harmony all aro...

  • Serene Mind: Day 2

    This powerful meditation helps dissolve stress and return you to calm. It works by relaxing the amygdala—the fight or flight center of the brain. Whenever you feel hijacked by negative emotions, or a cluttered mind keeps you from being present, take a few minutes to practice this meditation. Lear...

  • The Well of Calm

    Sitting with the feeling of relaxation can help you learn to summon a calm state during periods of chaos. This meditation uses sound vibration and breathwork to further relax the body. When you practice being in the experience of peace, you restore your natural state of vitality. With no need to ...

  • Releasing The Departed (English)

    A meditation for bringing peace to the departed.

    Consciousness is one. The living and the dead are all a part of this one consciousness. This meditation helps you bring peace to the departed and seek blessings.