Ekam Circle (Hungarian)

Ekam Circle (Hungarian)

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Ekam Circle (Hungarian)
  • Heart Connection: Day 3 (Hungarian)

    Take a journey into the heart and away from loneliness and separation. Using breathwork and visualization, this short meditation will help you connect your heart, mind and body. This connection will strengthen your relationships, give you greater empathy and bring you closer to what you love.


  • Conscious Creator - Soul Sync (Hungarian)

    This final Soul Sync meditation guides you to become a courageous, conscious creator. Once complete, you will have made your way through the Four Sacred Secrets. Return to these practices whenever you want to explore a more beautiful state and contribute to a more beautiful world.

  • Releasing The Departed (Hungarian)

    A meditation for bringing peace to the departed.

    Consciousness is one. The living and the dead are all a part of this one consciousness. This meditation helps you bring peace to the departed and seek blessings.