Ekam Meditators Practice (Spanish)

Ekam Meditators Practice (Spanish)

An Ekam Meditator is an instrument in shifting human collective consciousness towards greater compassion, peace & oneness.

The Ekam Maha Kshetra was conceived to support the cause of this Global shift in consciousness towards Oneness. Becoming an Ekam Meditator you become an instrument in bringing about this global shift.

Ekam Meditators Practice (Spanish)
  • Preparatory Practice - Introduction (Spanish)

    Your role as an Ekam Meditator would be to dedicate 7 minutes everyday; connecting to Ekam and meditating for the purpose of global transformation.

    You might wonder how can me meditating for 7 minutes everyday bring about global transformation? Well remember, you and 64,000 other Ekam meditato...

  • Initiation Practice (Spanish)

    If you seek to become an Ekam Meditator, your journey starts with an initiation, a Shakti Paath by Preethaji and Krishnaji. This is a preparatory practice for the initiation.

    We invite everyone who is passionate about creating a new world to become an Ekam Meditator. This will be your gift for f...