Field of Abundance

  • Field of Abundance

    3 videos

    We bring to you the 'Abundant Life Practice' - a powerful 5-minute meditation that will anchor you to calm, connected and creative consciousness,
    the 'Serene Mind Practice' - 3-minute meditation that is done to dissolve stress and unhappiness any time it arises will help you return to a Serene s...

  • Soul Sync Practice (English)

    Soul-Sync Meditation is a recommended daily meditation practice. The first 4 stages of the practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation and digestion, it improves lung and cardiovascular function, and sets right body’s sleep cycles. It could also redu...

  • Serene Mind Practice (English)

    Simple yet very effective meditation that will help you move into peace whenever you feel limited by your own inner state of discomfort & disturbance.

  • Abundant Life Practice (English)

    An every day practice to nurture the 3 dimensions of the beautiful state - the calm, connected and creative dimensions. As you do the practice everyday, you are awakening the mystical bramha garba and nurturing the seeds that were sown in your consciousness during the Limitless field meditation.