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  • Master Meditations: Your Journey Begins Here

    5 videos

    Begin your 5-day journey with Breathing Room’s Master Meditation series. This set of 5 meditations will form the foundation of a more peaceful life. Each meditation in this series includes an introduction that sets out the benefits of the meditation and when you should practice it.

    You’ll star...

  • Calm
    9 videos


    9 videos

    Peace is an accessible inner state where creativity and freedom are born. Calm is a series of eight guided meditations designed to cultivate a deep sense of inner peace. The best way to practice is one meditation per day. If you miss a day, don’t worry. Simply pick up where you left off. Each pha...

  • The Four Sacred Secrets

    22 videos

    Access the hidden power of your consciousness with this series of meditations from the book, The Four Sacred Secrets. Preethaji and Krishnaji, founders of the O&O Academy, will guide you back to the divided parts of yourself and help restore them to wholeness. From this space of connection, you w...

  • 2019 Ekam World Peace Festival Archive

    11 videos

    In September, 2019, O&O Academy hosted the Ekam World Peace Festival. Over 11 days, more than one million people meditated together to manifest a massive shift in human consciousness to achieve a beautiful state. Each day brought attention to an important challenge the world w...

  • Master Meditations Revisited: Meditations Only

    5 videos

    These Master Meditations skip the introduction and allow you to dive right into the 5 immensely powerful practices. They are easy and effective, and can be revisited frequently. Use them whenever you need a moment of calm, clarity or renewal.

    You’ll start with an exercise that cultivates peace...