Moon Meditation

  • Moon Meditation - Introduction

    Dependent on specific phases of the moon, different energies from the moon flow through you. Out with the redundant old and in with the new! Allow these moon meditations to bring about a magical change in you. Join us for the moon meditations.

  • Full Moon Meditation

    The full moon is the time where you can manifest your heartfelt desires and create the life you desire. Join us for the Full Moon meditation.

  • New Moon Meditaion

    During the time of the new moon cleanse your past emotions and memories to bring forth a bright and light future. Join us for the New Moon meditation.

  • Ekadhesi Meditation

    Ekadashi refers to the 11th day of the waning moon and the waxing moon. These two days are the best times for rest and respite. The ekadashi meditation is a special practice for the healing energies of the moon to flow into you as restfulness.