• Mystic Practice (German)

  • Initiation Practice (German)
    Ekam Meditators Practice (G...

    Initiation Practice (German)

    Ekam Meditators Practice (German)

    If you seek to become an Ekam Meditator, your journey starts with an initiation, a Shakti Paath by Preethaji and Krishnaji. This is a preparatory practice for the initiation.

    We invite everyone who is passionate about creating a new world to become an Ekam Meditator. This will be your gift for f...

  • Ekam Prayer (German)
    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Ekam Prayer (German)

    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    The most powerful prayer meditation in the world.
    Unifying body-heart and soul in reaching the divine. A daily prayer meditation done by millions.

  • Serene Mind (German)
    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Serene Mind (German)

    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Dissolve the stress of unpleasant emotions and return to a calm, centered state of presence.

    This powerful meditation helps dissolve stress and return you to calm. It works by relaxing the amygdala—the fight or flight center of the brain. Whenever you feel hijacked by negative emotions, or a clu...

  • Heart Connection (German)
    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Heart Connection (German)

    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Take a journey into the heart and strengthen your connection to yourself and others.

    Take a journey into the heart and away from loneliness and separation. Using breathwork and visualization, this short meditation will help you connect your heart, mind and body. This connection will strengthen y...

  • Preparatory Practice - Introduction (German)
    Ekam Meditators Practice (G...

    Preparatory Practice - Introduction (German)

    Ekam Meditators Practice (German)

    Your role as an Ekam Meditator would be to dedicate 7 minutes everyday; connecting to Ekam and meditating for the purpose of global transformation.

    You might wonder how can me meditating for 7 minutes everyday bring about global transformation? Well remember, you and 64,000 other Ekam meditato...

  • Freiheit zu Lernen (German)
    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Freiheit zu Lernen (German)

    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Learning from a mind free of inhibition.
    Education is to free the mind and broaden perception; expand the heart. Only in this space of inner vastness learning happens. Sri Preethaji gracefully leads you into this space of learning.

  • Ekam Meditators Practice (German)

    2 videos

    An Ekam Meditator is an instrument in shifting human collective consciousness towards greater compassion, peace & oneness.

    The Ekam Maha Kshetra was conceived to support the cause of this Global shift in consciousness towards Oneness. Becoming an Ekam Meditator you become an instrument in br...

  • Ojas für das Immunsystem (German)

    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Meditate the ancient way to build immunity
    Build your Ojas, the eternal immunity builder in your body, the ancient Indian way.

  • Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    7 videos

    Erlebe unsere Meditationen zum Zugang zur Universellen Intelligenz, um Woche für Woche die Geschenke zu bekommen.

  • Sich bei der Arbeit wohlfühlen (German)
    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Sich bei der Arbeit wohlfühlen (German)

    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Transform work into a sacred/meaningful contribution.

    Realise the beauty and impact you are creating on the world. Ignite the spark of vision for greater outreach.

  • Arambha Shakti - New Year Meditation (German)

    0 videos

    Die Energie, die von deinem Verstand, deinem Bewusstsein und deinen Lieben ausgeht, bestimmt das Tempo, in dem sich das Leben entfaltet oder ein Projekt voranschreitet. Mach diese drei Meditationen, um positive Energie zu erzeugen und ein großartiges Neues Jahr zu entfalten.

  • Wohlstand - eine guter innerer Zustand für Fülle (German)
    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Wohlstand - eine guter innerer Zustand für Fülle (German)

    Ekam Circle 2.0 (German)

    Become free of inner limitations. Manifest wealth.
    Manifest abundance from a fulfilled heart. Use it to create a difference.

  • Meditation des Mitgefühls Für Deeksha-Geber (Oneness Blessing Geber)

    Meditation des Mitgefühls Für Deeksha-Geber (Oneness Blessing Geber)


    Mitgefühl öffnet dein Herz, deinen Körper und dein Bewusstsein und macht Platz für das Göttliche, das durch dich fließt.
    Mitgefühl erweckt das Herz und das Herz bietet sich dann als Wohnsitz des Göttlichen an, um die Welt zu heilen.