Soul Sync Fest (Hindi)

Soul Sync Fest (Hindi)

Soul Sync everyday during the Soul Sync Fest from Jan 18th to Jan 31st. Tune into the collective energies of scores of individuals who are soul syncing at the same time.

Remember only one intention at a time.

The best time of the day to Soul Sync is as soon as you wake up. However you can practice Soul Sync at any time of the day.

In our empirical observation we have seen that intentions held during Soul Sync manifest 70% of times more than merely holding a positive thought.

For those who want to lead others:
1. You can teach Soul Sync to anyone at any time of the day. you can also teach it online.
2. You can either lead it yourself taking helping of the Breathing Room Streaming or share Breathing Room to others.
3. We recommend you lead group Soul Sync events throughout the festival either online or offline. Group Soul Syncs are known to have a powerful impact.

Soul Sync Fest Series will have 5 special Soul Sync Practice guided by Preethaji. These are the meditations.

1. Soul Sync for Deaddiction
2. Soul Sync for Life Partner
3. Soul Sync for Prosperity
4. Soul Sync for Great Health and Healing
5. Soul Sync for Attention and Intelligence

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Soul Sync Fest (Hindi)