The Beautiful State

  • The Beautiful state

    5 videos

    Going through the beautiful state meditations allow you to let go of stress and move your life into a space of inner calm.

  • The Beautiful State

    Immerse in simple abs universal meditations that open your great to beautiful states of gratitude, compassion and acceptance

  • Feel Oneness

    In this meditation you will understand how we all share something in common, which makes us very much alike. As this realization sets in, you are able to hold a space of well-being for another.

  • Feel Connected

    In this meditation you will see your life through the lens of interconnectedness. Taking in this realization will give you the strength to face life‘s challenges.

  • Feel Gratitude

    This meditation will hold space, for gratitude to grow within you. You will find a newfound strength from your life situations and from the people in your life.

  • Feel Love

    Let us gently observe who we are and our life, with kindness and understanding.