The Four Sacred Secrets

The Four Sacred Secrets

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji guide you through the meditations from their book, The Four Sacred Secrets.

Access the hidden power of your consciousness with this series of meditations from the book, The Four Sacred Secrets. Preethaji and Krishnaji, founders of the O&O Academy, will guide you back to the divided parts of yourself and help restore them to wholeness. From this space of connection, you will learn to shed fear and create a life of abundance and joy.

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The Four Sacred Secrets
  • Setting Your Intention

    Begin your journey by setting your intention to manifest love, peace and prosperity.

    Take the first step and set your intention in order to manifest your heartfelt desires. This meditation is the first in a sequence of 21 meditations that are designed to be practiced sequentially.

  • The Great Soul Sync

    Learn to open yourself to the endless possibilities life has to offer.

    Experience a flowing sequence of breathwork, sound, observation and visualization that will lead you to a beautiful state. This 7 part meditation has the power to transform you into your full potential.

  • Your Inner State

    Become conscious of your inner state with this gentle journey.
    Connect with your past using this gentle meditation that will help you heal from past childhood experiences.

  • Your Inner Child

    Free yourself from the limitations of the past.
    Rediscover your inner child during this meditation. Observing your past will free you from limitations and leave you feeling lighter.

  • Happy Child Soul Sync

    Awaken the happy child inside and connect to love, trust and wonder.
    Awaken the happy child inside of you with an integrated experience of meditation, breathwork and sound vibration. Open your consciousness to the precious gifts of childlike wonder, innocence, joy and trust.

  • Serene Mind

    Move out of clutter and into clarity with this simple and effective practice.

    This 3 minute experience gives you the key to calm during any life situation. Practice daily or as needed whenever stressful situations arise.

  • Know Yourself

    Start the journey toward finding greater peace within yourself.

    A powerful visualization that will introduce you to the best version of yourself. This is an integral step toward finding greater peace within.

  • Connect To Yourself

    Give yourself the love and kindness you deserve.

    Learn to notice episodes of internal conflict. Release self-judgment and give yourself the love and compassion that you deserve.

  • Finding Peace

    Find beautiful states of calm and inner peace when you end the war with yourself.

    Experience a serene noticing of your inner truth. In this place, there is no “should” or “should not”. Things simply are. Use this meditation when the pressures of modern life have you questioning your personal truth.

  • Beautiful Self Soul Sync

    Clear the path for your beautiful soul to emerge.

    Clear your path from any obstacles in order to find peace within yourself, your circumstances, and the world around you. In this powerful sequence of visualization, meditation and breathwork; desire and reality become one.

  • Accessing Universal Intelligence

    Let go of fear and feel empowered to live the life you want.

    Move through the 4 stages of accessing Universal Intelligence and visualize your ideal future. There, you will find a space of power and strength to create the change you want.

  • Nightly Meditation: Accessing Intuition

    Connect to your intuition with this sleep ritual that takes you beyond your limited mind.

    Induce sleep naturally by connecting to your intuition. Practice this meditation as a ritual each night to effortlessly slip into sleep.

  • Connection Meditation

    Open your heart to the love that has always been inside.

    This deep meditative experience will bring you into connection with the love that has always been inside. Connection is an elixir for your brain and nourishment for your heart. Learn to open up to the love you want to give and receive.

  • Recognizing Relationships

    Learn to strengthen existing relationships and attract the right people into your life.
    A beautiful technique to help you create relationships rooted in sincere connection. Enduring relationships can only thrive when built on a foundation of love.

  • Feeling Your Heart

    Learn to hear your heart to find greater love and freedom.

    Listen to your heart so you can find compassion—the path to love and freedom. Recognizing this inner state will become easier with continued practice.

  • The Movie Of Life

    Observe your inner and outer stories to discover the truth of your life.

    What is the central plot in the movie of your life? This simple 2 minute meditation will help you discover the truth of you.

  • A New Passion

    Let the passion to live life from a beautiful state take root in you.

    How would it feel to wake up every morning knowing the world had your back? This 4 minute sequence will help you bring forth what you want and need in life.

  • Heartfelt Partner Soul Sync

    Feel your heart awaken to a beautiful state of connection.

    Feel your heart awaken to a beautiful state of connection and become a partner with a deep capacity for love. This practice can be done alone or with a partner.

  • Know Your Fuel

    Become aware of what inspires you and gain clarity on your journey.

    You are on a journey to become a conscious creator. Make a difference, feeling supported by your deep and joyful passion.

  • Your Relationship With Wealth

    Understand your relationship to wealth and move obstacles out of your path to abundance.

    Understand your relationship to wealth and discover any obstacles on your path to success. This meditation will help cultivate a mindset of abundance and prosperity. Encourage an abundant mindset.

  • Discover Your Driver

    Discover what your soul needs to thrive on your personal journey.

    Experience what moves you. Tune in to your inner truth and watch the path appear before you.

  • Conscious Creator Soul Sync

    Find the courage to create the life you want.

    This final Soul Sync meditation guides you to become a courageous, conscious creator. Once complete, you will have made your way through the Four Sacred Secrets. Return to these practices whenever you want to explore a more beautiful state and contr...