Ekam Prayer Challenge - English

Ekam Prayer Challenge - English

Stimulate the elemental connection you share with the Universal Intelligence. Cherish the age-old, venerable relationship with your Divine. 

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Ekam Prayer Challenge - English
  • 1. Recognise the Divine field

    Awaken to the field of Divine that which is part of you and you are a part. Experience a deep sense of togetherness with the Sacred.

  • 2. Connecting to Antaryamin

    Enshrine the all-pervasive UI in the sacred temple of your heart and cherish an intimate connection with the almighty.

  • 3. Ekam mantra

    Immersing in the Ekam mantra opens your consciousness to the One reality. 

  • 4. Visualisation

    Experience the ancient and inherent, powerful way of communicating with UI and be guided. 

  • 5. Letting go

    Ekam prayer frees the heart of worry and desperation and delivers you to grace. 

  • 6. Gratitude

    Touched by the Divine, let your heart swell in gratitude - a graceful reciprocation to love. 

  • 7. Ritual of Ekam Prayer

    Learn the ritual of prayer to align with cosmic energies to manifest your heartfelt desires.