Free Meditations (English)

Free Meditations (English)

Make room for your best self with access to our free meditations.

Experience Breathing Room today with our free meditations. No matter if you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, Breathing Room’s meditations empower you to manage the pressures of modern life with ease and strength.

Free Meditations (English)
  • Soul Sync for 10 Minutes Every Day

    Start your everyday Soul Syncing for 10 mins. Create A Beautiful Life from A Beautiful State.

  • 10 delightfully simple practices while entering this New Year

    A joyful 𝐍𝐄𝐖 𝐘𝐄𝐀𝐑 to you, may this year lead you into great Enlightened states of consciousness and a life of Immense abundance, contribution and fulfilment.

  • What is Meditation? (English)

    Though there may be numerous definitions— according to us, meditation is decluttering the mind and experiencing a state of ease and joy. Meditation is not a fad, or a fashion that will pass. Meditation is not merely an exercise in concentration and self-control. Meditation is a path to awaken to ...

  • About Breathing Room (English)

    Hello, I am Preethaji. I want to welcome you to Breathing Room, your toolkit for a calm and inspired life — a place to access moving meditations that are effective and practiced by millions around the globe, from beginner to experienced meditator alike. Our meditations draw from ancient wisdom, m...

  • Soul Sync (English)

    Enter a state of calm and expansion where you can create harmony and manifest your heartfelt desires.

    Enter a state of calm and expansion where you can create harmony and manifest your heartfelt desires. This sequence of breathwork, sound vibration, visualization and observation will help you be...

  • Serene Mind Practice (English)

    Awaken to Calm

    Simple yet very effective meditation that will help you move into peace whenever you feel limited by your own inner state of discomfort & disturbance.

  • Peace Meditation (English)

    Awaken to a state of inner peace and ease which ripples outward, creating a more peaceful world.

    This Peace Meditation is a movement in human consciousness towards peace. Join hundreds of thousands of people from every nation meditating for a more peaceful world. This 9 minute meditation feature...

  • Abundant Life Practice (English)

    An every day practice to nurture the 3 dimensions of the beautiful state - the calm, connected and creative dimensions. As you do the practice everyday, you are awakening the mystical bramha garba and nurturing the seeds that were sown in your consciousness during the Limitless field meditation.

  • Build Ojas for Immunity (English)

    Build your Ojas, the eternal immunity builder in your body, the ancient Indian way.

  • Meditation for Wealth Consciousness (English)

    This simple meditation would help you connect with the divine as wealth and abundance in your heart lotus and tune into a wiser purpose in the mystical regions of your brain.

  • Tapas With 1008 Ekam Mantra

    Ekam mantra is a siddha mantra. Siddha mantras are rare mantras that have immense power built into them. Siddha mantras can be chanted anywhere, anytime, with any intention. Millions of seekers from across the globe are testimonies to the power of the Ekam mantra. You can chant the Ekam mantra fo...