Ekam Circle 2.0 (Japanese)

Ekam Circle 2.0 (Japanese)

Experience our meditations to access Universal Intelligence to receive gifts week after week. Celebrate an abundant life.

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Ekam Circle 2.0 (Japanese)
  • エーカムプレイヤー (Japanese)

    The most powerful prayer meditation in the world.
    Unifying body-heart and soul in reaching the divine. A daily prayer meditation done by millions.

  • 免疫のためにオージャスを増やす (Japanese)


  • ハートのつながり (Japanese)


  • Prosperity - A Beautiful State For Abundance (Japanese)

    Become free of inner limitations. Manifest wealth.
    Manifest abundance from a fulfilled heart. Use it to create a difference.

  • セリーンマインド (Japanese)




  • At Home With Work (Japanese)

    Transform work into a sacred/meaningful contribution.

    Realise the beauty and impact you are creating on the world. Ignite the spark of vision for greater outreach.

  • Learner Meditation (Japanese)

    Learning from a mind free of inhibition.
    Education is to free the mind and broaden perception; expand the heart. Only in this space of inner vastness learning happens. Sri Preethaji gracefully leads you into this space of learning.

  • Releasing The Departed (Japanese)

    A meditation for bringing peace to the departed.

    Consciousness is one. The living and the dead are all a part of this one consciousness. This meditation helps you bring peace to the departed and seek blessings.