Meditations For Greater Balance At Work (English)

Meditations For Greater Balance At Work (English)

Family and work both are important to live fulfilled. While family becomes your strength, the contributions you make at work expand you. To strike a beautiful balance between the two and lead them both from the heart is essential to feel complete.

Meditations For Greater Balance At Work (English)
  • Introduction

    Transform the monotony of work to an enjoyable and graceful flow.

    Do you want to transform your experience of life, work, isolation and pressure of having to perform during COVID period? Practice these exquisite meditations by Sri Preethaji and rejuvenate yourself.

  • At Home With Focus

    Tap into the latent potential of the brain for longer periods of focus and attention.
    Awaken your brain and mind to greater focus. Practicing these meditations will lead to clarity in thinking and undistracted attention.

  • At Home With Oneself

    Dissolve the disturbance within and feel at ease with yourself

    Your mental state is the center of the circle of your life. Return home to your core with these meditations.

  • At Home With The Body

    Being at home with body is the source of great health and vitality.

    Total acceptance and respect for your body and increased vitality will be the effect of doing this meditation often.

  • At Home With Work

    Transform work into a sacred/meaningful contribution.

    Realise the beauty and impact you are creating on the world. Ignite the spark of vision for greater outreach.