Master Meditations: Your Journey Begins Here (Portuguese)

Master Meditations: Your Journey Begins Here (Portuguese)

Begin your 5-day journey with Breathing Room’s Master Meditation series. This set of 5 meditations will form the foundation of a more peaceful life. Each meditation in this series includes an introduction that sets out the benefits of the meditation and when you should practice it.

You’ll start with an exercise that cultivates peace and reveals your heartfelt intentions. Next, you’ll notice your breath and declutter the mind. Once clear, your focus will be directed inward so you can deepen your connection to yourself and welcome your intuition. The series finishes with a breathwork exercise to help renew your energy and vitality.

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Master Meditations: Your Journey Begins Here (Portuguese)
  • Day 1 - Soul Sync (Portuguese)

    Enter a state of calm and expansion where you can create harmony and manifest your heartfelt desires. This sequence of breathwork, sound vibration, visualization and observation will help you be in sync with life.

    The best way to experience this meditation is daily, in the morning. After your br...

  • Day 2 - Mente Serena (Portuguese)

    This powerful meditation helps dissolve stress and return you to calm. It works by relaxing the amygdala—the fight or flight center of the brain. Whenever you feel hijacked by negative emotions, or a cluttered mind keeps you from being present, take a few minutes to practice this meditation. Lear...

  • Day 3 - Conexão de Coração (Portuguese)

    Take a journey into the heart and away from loneliness and separation. Using breathwork and visualization, this short meditation will help you connect your heart, mind and body. This connection will strengthen your relationships, give you greater empathy and bring you closer to what you love.


  • Day 4 - Acessando a inteligencia Universal (Portguese)

    Universal intelligence is experienced when we expand our awareness of self. In this place, you can find clarity and answers to difficult decisions. This 5 minute meditation uses breathwork and visualization to overcome overwhelm and access your deep intuition. From this place, you will experience...

  • Day 5 - Renovação da Respiração (Portuguese)

    Breathing is the life force that sustains us. Eighty percent of our body toxins are expelled through the breath. Learn to detoxify with breathwork and renew your sense of vitality with this 10 minute breath-based meditation. Based on the ancient Indian practice of 5 breath energies, it will help ...