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  • Soul Sync Fest

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    Soul Sync Fest happens annually from the 1st to 7th of January.
    If you are a first timer to soul sync, you will need the instructions from this playlist. If you are a seasoned practitioner, head directly to the practice.

  • Free Meditations (English)

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    Make room for your best self with access to our free meditations.

    Experience Breathing Room today with our free meditations. No matter if you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, Breathing Room’s meditations empower you to manage the pressures of modern life with ease and strengt...

  • Ekam Prayer Challenge - English

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    Stimulate the elemental connection you share with the Universal Intelligence. Cherish the age-old, venerable relationship with your Divine. 

  • Smile for Joy

    We often assume that we smile only when we are happy, but in fact, we can smile our way to happiness! The simple act of smiling activates our body to become more joyful. This meditation will guide you through facial relaxation movements to release happy hormones called endorphins. Over time, this...

  • The Beautiful State

    Access the power of the beautiful state to create love, and prosperity
    Immerse in simple abs universal meditations that open your great to beautiful states of gratitude, compassion and acceptance

  • Feel Connected

    Allow yourself to move into a space of feeling connected to everything around you.
    In this meditation you will see your life through the lens of interconnectedness. Taking in this realization will give you the strength to face life‘s challenges.

  • Feel Oneness

    You can contribute to the joy and well-being of anyone in your life.
    In this meditation you will understand how we all share something in common, which makes us very much alike. As this realization sets in, you are able to hold a space of well-being for another.

  • Feel Love

    Love begins with you. Let us nurture love for ourselves.
    Let us gently observe who we are and our life, with kindness and understanding.

  • Free Yourself From Loneliness

    Freedom from loneliness happens as you hold this precious insight and meditate.
    Through this meditation you will see what is keeping you stuck in your loneliness. With this inner freedom, you will experience greater calm within yourself.

  • Sacred Gift To Your Mother

    Immerse in this beautiful meditation and allow your heart to connect to some beautiful moments you had with your mother; no matter how many or how long ago. Hold a prayer for the well being of your mother.

  • Ekadhesi Meditation

    Ekadashi refers to the 11th day of the waning moon and the waxing moon. These two days are the best times for rest and respite. The ekadashi meditation is a special practice for the healing energies of the moon to flow into you as restfulness.

  • The First Step

    The fear of stillness is one of the greatest barriers to a regular meditation practice. This 60 second meditation will help you get into a relaxed sitting position. It will calm any anxieties around physical discomfort or mental agitation. Doing this meditation regularly will improve your sense o...

  • Free the Breath

    Relaxation is a felt experience free of tension and stress. In this meditation, you will learn to use your breath to calm your nervous system and initiate a relaxation response in your body. This is the first step of letting go of the stress that has built up inside the body. From this place, you...

  • Your Inner State

    Become conscious of your inner state with this gentle journey.
    Connect with your past using this gentle meditation that will help you heal from past childhood experiences.

  • Deeply Present

    Deep breathing helps clear the body, calm the mind and bring us back into the here and now. This meditation uses focused and varied breathwork to oxygenate the body and bring balance to the body and mind. You can practice deep breathing while sitting or as a walking meditation whenever you need a...

  • Infinite Peace

    Peace is a state of being where you become a witness to life. In this place, stress has a way of floating by without disturbing your sense of calm. This final meditation will drop you into the river of your life, where you will practice being in a peaceful state. Immerse yourself in Infinite Peac...